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14 October 2007 Issue

1. Speaking up for Animals
2. Leafleting Feedback
3. Animal Welfare Initiatives

1. Speaking up for Animals
A couple years ago I was attending a local Catholic church on a Sunday, but not the one at which I am a regular member.  The church was packed, and it was primarily an African-American congregation. In part of the service they asked for prayers or special intentions, and I inserted one for all the animals who are not "pets" but who are abused daily in the name of food, fur, entertainment, etc.  I asked for human compassion and a new awareness.

Afterward, outside, a woman approached me.  I fully expected a negative or hostile response.   She asked if I was the person who mentioned animals in the prayer.  She proceeded to THANK me profusely, saying that just the other day she had seen a story on TV about pigs and how badly they are treated, how a woman was dealing with a little pig like a 'thing' and not a living being.   She said she was changing her mind about some things . . .

Longer story short, it was very gratifying and taught me not to be shy about speaking up.

Rondy Elliott, MTS, Duke Divinity School, Board member, CVA

2. Leafleting Feedback
Julie Eyrich writes, “I distributed 150 cva booklets at Hearts of Home ministries. I leafleted after the event. I only had one door cover so missed a lot of the people from the other two doors. I would say about 75% of the people took the booklets.

Some upcoming events

10/19        WI    Madison    Acquire the Fire Youth Conference
10/19-20     MN    St. Paul    Women of Faith Conference
10/19    VA    Troutville        The Afters Christian Rock
10/20    MA    Boston        12th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival (table)
10/20    SC    Beaufort        The Afters Christian Rock
10/20 WA    Kent            Katina’s Christian Rock
10/21 SC    Simpsonville    The Afters Christian Rock
10/21    NE    Alliance        Lifelight Christian Rock
10/21    WA    Kirkland        Katina’s Christian Rock
10/23    MO    Flowood        The Afters Christian Rock
10/25    AZ    Phoenix        Making All Things New – For for the Hungry Concert
10/26    NC    Charlotte        Women of Faith Conference
10/26    TX     Katy            The Afters Christian Rock
10/27    FL    Orlando        Central Florida Veg Fest (table)
11/2    PA    Philadelphia    Revolve Tour
11/4    NY    Jamestown        Natalie Grant Christian Concert
11/7    KS    Overland Park    Natalie Grant Christian Concert
11/9    MN    Minneapolis        Revolve Tour
11/10    PA    Philadelphia    Katina’s Christian Rock Concert
11/11    MS    Hattiesburg        Toby Mac Christian Rock Concert
11/11    TN    Knoxville        Derek Webb Christian Concert
11/14    LA    New Orleans        Jeremy Camp Christian Rock Concert
11/15    TX    Houston        Joyce Meyers Conference
11/16 AZ    Phoenix        Women of Faith Conference
11/16    GA    Decatur        Derek Webb Christian Concert
11/8    TN    Nashville        Derek Webb Christian Concert

3. Animal Welfare Initiatives

Californians are needed to help gather signatures to ban certain inhumane farming methods. To learn more, go to http://www.humanecalifornia.org.

Che Green writes: Check out the Humane Research Council’s www.HumaneSpot.org, which now contains more than 500 research studies.

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