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New CVA Video

CVA has produced a powerful, 26-minute video entitled Honoring God's Creation available in DVD and VHS. With its accompanying study guide, this is excellent for Christian Education classes. The video includes scenes of harsh factory farming practices, but there are no "bloody" scenes.

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PDF Downloadable Study Guide

Praise for the video:

Jean (Texas): “I just received my copy of the video and I really liked it! It was not sensational or gory and really spoke to those who are trying to live by Christ's example of compassion in every part of their lives.”

Betsy Wosko (Portland, Oregon): “Thank you for mailing the DVD to me - BRAVO!!! It is excellent! Great work! I plan to show this at my Church, and other Christian churches in my neck of the woods.”

Betsy Traben (Cleveland, Ohio): “The CVA DVD is awesome! We love the whole set-up of the DVD and all the interviews and quotes by everyone are very good and convincing of the vegetarian diet and the compassion that Christians are called to have.”

Rondy Elliott (North Carolina): “The program went well, and the video was well received by all. All the comments made about the video itself were positive! I do think it is able to speak to all Christians.

Martha (Fairport, New York): “I received the DVD's yesterday and I was BLOWN AWAY. It’s so great!!!”

Brian (U.K.): “The DVD is brilliant and very thought provoking!”

Annie (Connecticut): “You did a GREAT job with the CVA video, and we're about to air it in many Connecticut towns!”