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Christian Vegetarian Association Presents:
Take Heart!
The Barbaric Factory Farming Industry

Factory farming is egregiously cruel. These 9 facts about the standard practices in this industry will hopefully encourage everyone who learns about them to do their best to never support this cruelty:

  •  Fowl Are Often "Debeaked" To Avoid Cannibalism
  •  Most Antibiotics In The World Go Straight Into Your Meat
  •  Pneumonia Runs Rampant In Factory Farmed Pigs
  •  Millions Of Chicks Are Ground Up Alive The Day They Hatch
  •  Many Cows Die Before Their Fifth Birthday
  • Pregnant Hogs Live In Disgustingly Small Crates
  •  Veal Calves Are Saddled With Heavy Chains
  •  Many Fowl Are Stuffed Into Unimaginably Small Cages
  •  82% Of U.S. Dairies Practice 'Tail Docking'
    This industry is clearly barbaric. The people who run these corporations are economic creatures who, sadly, put profit before animal welfare, human health and the environment.

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