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Take Heart!
What Farmed Animals Have Become, “Thanks” To Us

Truly, as this article states, farmed animals have become “grotesque parodies of their natural selves” thanks to the insane thirst for profit and power. Animals are bred faster, larger and much more different than nature intended to a point where most of them are truly deformed and suffering. Chickens are bred so large that their organs fail and their bones brake often, pigs are bred so they can stand factory farming conditions and therefore lack the fat and hair that would make them suitable to live outdoors, beef steers are often bred to have double-muscle leading to joint problems and deformities, Atlantic salmon bred in farms suffer from skeletal deformities and dairy cows’ udders are so large that their bodies cannot carry their weight and often become lame.

Please visit Farm Animals Have Become Grotesque Parodies of their natural selves:
Raising God’s animals for food is showing disrespect to our Creator. Manipulating the lives of these helpless animals in order to fit our purposes invariably turns these animals into commodities, which leads to the hardening of our hearts. When we kill animals for food, we are deadening our sensitivity, our love and our compassion.  

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