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The Myth About “Free Range” Egg-Laying Hens

Compassionate consumers are learning about the cruelty inflicted on egg-laying hens imprisoned in battery-cages and are therefore looking for eggs produced in less abusive ways. For that reason, many consumers choose to buy eggs from “free-range” hens thinking that these animals are indeed raised in open fields enjoying the sun, breath air and exercising their instincts and needs. However, since there is no governmental regulation or legal definition of “free-range” when it comes to eggs, the reality is that this term only means that these hens are not in cages. Sadly, “free-range” hens tend to live in filthy sheds and crammed together without being able to engage in natural behaviors.

To learn more please visit What Does "Free Range" Really Mean For Your Eggs?:
Egg-laying hens are probably the most abused of God’s animals used for food when ironically eggs are not even part of a well-balanced plant-based diet. By not consuming eggs we are reducing the suffering of billion of hens every year and preventing the death of more than 200 million male chicks, who are a disposable commodity for the egg-industry. Choose compassion to live out your faith! 

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