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The Total Nonsense About “Happy Cows”

Gary L. Francione, Professor at Rutgers University, challenges the claims that there could be milk and meat from happy cows. Francione refers to the recent New York Times article by Kristof, who claims, Bob Bansen, a close friend of his, raises dairy cows in a way that makes them happy and therefore produce more:

However, this idyllic scenario of course has some faults. For once, dairy cows don't happily give their milk. It's taken from them. They don't happily give up their calves. They are taken from them. And at the end of their productive life? Slaughter comes not so happily.

Please visit Nicholas Kristof: Please Wince. Please:
Of course it is not possible for God’s animals to be happy when they are exploited for their milk, eggs or meat. While some farms are less abusive than others, in all of them animals are seen as commodities who are not allowed to exercise their God-given instincts. Even in the best dairy farms, cows are still impregnated against their will, their milk which was intended for their calves is stolen from them, they don’t get to raise their young and they all meet the same fate: the horrifying slaughterhouse.
 I hope the claims of “happy cows” don’t push Christians to believe that as long as animals are given some consideration, is fine to exploit them.

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