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Farmed Animals Also Need an ER

Farm Sanctuary has a new place where severely injured and disabled farmed animals at the hands of the factory farm industry are welcome and nursed back to health. This place is Melrose Small Animal Hospital, an ER for farmed animals, who otherwise would surely meet a fearful and painful death. The systematic, legal and standard practices that farmed animals are subjected to (hyper-confinement, mutilations without anesthesia, electric prodding, beatings, filth, etc.) leave too many animals barely clinging for their lives. However, Farm Sanctuary rescues some of these animals, nurses them to health and welcomes them as ambassadors for the rest of farmed animals. These fortunate ones are touched by people who see all animals as sentient beings who deserve to live and peace and in freedom.

To read the full article and to watch a slideshow of the rescued farmed animals before and after their care please visit Farm Animal ER: Factory Farming Hurts Everyone:
Farm Sanctuary is doing an incredible job at exposing the horrific animal agriculture industry while at the same time offering a safe haven for abused farmed animals. Those who still consume animal products need to be confronted with the brutal reality these animals endure and also to the many devastating consequences this industry brings to all of God's Creation.

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