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Tail-Docking Needs to be Discontinued

Hoard's Dairyman Editorial says it's time to discontinue tail-docking. Scientific evidence suggests that it's not beneficial for cows and that in fact bovines with docked tails actually have more flies, not less, compared to counterparts with tails. Still, the dairy industry defends dehorning and believe it is a practice that can easily be explained to consumers who visit the farms, while on the other hand, tail-docking might not be as easy to explain.

Please visit Hoard's Dairyman Editorial: It's time to discontinue tail-docking:
Although on one hand it is encouraging that the barbaric practice of tail docking is looked at as useless and that will hopefully will be discontinued, it is still appalling that these farmers care more about the perception of consumers that the pain and suffering of cows. I wonder why the dairy industry doesn’t show the procedure of tail-docking or dehorning in their "happy cows" commercials for example, or when they advertize their dairy products? I would think simply because most consumers would stop supporting such an abusive industry.

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