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What a Minister Learns about Hunting

A minister in rural Canada shares her experience of hunting and processing a goose. Although the experience seems to be enjoyable for her, even thrilling, it ends with contradictory feelings. The flesh of the animal she killed is in her freezer but somehow she’s unable to bring herself to prepare it and eat it. Instead, she decides she’s going to leave it for the coyotes to eat. However, as contradictory the experience was, she says: "Frankly, I consider the existence of ducks and geese positive proof that God does not intend for us to be vegetarian." ... "Have also decided that if you eat meat, it does not mean for a minute that you have to kill it. It does mean that I’ll be grateful in future to the people who do."

To read the full article please visit Church minister learns there's more to hunting the pulling the trigger:
I think that most people would never hunt or do the job that is required of workers at slaughterhouses. The act of killing is of profound spiritual and psychological consequences. In order to rob the life of God’s animals, one has to deaden those areas in our hearts that encourage us to be compassionate and kind. In essence, the act of killing hardens our hearts and desensitizes us not only to the suffering of God’s animals, but ultimately also to the suffering of people.

Addendum 3/15/12:

Note: In regards to the minister featured above, Danielle, a sustaining member, kindly wrote to us and said: “Ms. Hines has a website, www.annehines.com, which lists annemhines@gmail.com as an address at which to contact her.  I sent her the below e-mail and thought perhaps some other members may also wish to share their thoughts/prayers with her.”
If you choose to do so, I think it’s important to keep your e-mail polite and focus on Jesus’ teachings of compassion, mercy and love.

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