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Take Heart!
The Many Benefit of Plant-Based Diets

Most people look at plant-based diet as very restricting and hard to balance, and therefore believe that getting the nutritional requirements while being on veg diets is very hard. The reality is actually very different. People on well-balanced plant-based diets tend to easily get more than the necessary requirements for nutrients. This fact is widely backed-up by medical data indicating that vegetarians and vegans tend to have much lower rates of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer among other chronic diseases.

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Although plant-based diets are becoming more mainstream, there is still a generalized doubt that they provide everything a human body needs. However, as Christians, it should help us keep in mind that God's ideal diet for us is a plant-based diet (book of Genesis) and also the one that causes the least amount of harm to God's creatures and the environment. By being good stewards of our bodies we are being good stewards of God's Creation.

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