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Take Heart!
Sobering Figures of Animals Suffering in the Hands of Humanity

Shocking figures based on USDA data uncover the most voluminous cruelty on the planet: animals raised for food. What is worse, of the 10,153,000,000 land animals systematically killed across the country last year, 875,000,000 of these animals died lingering deaths from disease, injury, starvation, suffocation, maceration, or other atrocities of animal farming and transport.

To read the full article please visit The Invisible and the Innocent 10,153,000,000 Victims of the U.S. Food Industry:

How much suffering is humanity causing in God’s Creation solely for the sake of taste and profit! The figures of animals being systematically and legally abused (and killed) are sobering. Aren’t Christians supposed to be the “salt and light” of the world? Then, we should step up to our position of caretakers of God’s animals and do our job, which calls for compassion, kindness and justice. Of course, there is no room to support the factory farming industry in taking care of God’s farmed animals.

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