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Is Cheese Addictive?

Have you ever wondered why it's often very hard to give up cheese? It turns out that nature has ways to make sure that mom and baby bond and stay close together until the baby is weaned. Researchers found morphine, a highly addictive opiate, in cow's and human's milk. Moreover, they also discovered that the protein casein breaks into casomorphins when it is digested, which also produce opiate effects. Since casein is very concentrated in cheese, the level of casomorphins is very high, making cheese a highly addictive food. To learn more please visit Addicted to Cheese? Here's Why:

Animal-based cheeses are certainly not necessary in a healthy diet and can actually be detrimental for our health, since it is high in cholesterol and saturated fats. To make things worse, cheese is the product of the relentless exploitation of dairy cows and their calves. It is the product of pain, fear and suffering. As Christians, we should realize that dairy consumption does not accord with a peaceful and loving lifestyle.

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