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The Problems with the Overuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farmed Animals

The overuse of antibiotics in the animal agriculture industry has been a subject of great concern due to the increasing number of antibiotic resistant bacteria strains. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published a new paper that claims there is enough similarity between drug-resistance genes in E. coli carried by chickens and E. coli infecting humans that the chickens may be the source of it. To learn more please visit Is Drug Resistance in Humans Coming from Chickens?

Government officials, the medical community, the pharmaceutical and animal agriculture industries cannot deny the abundance of evidence indicating that the continuous overuse of antibiotics in factory farmed animals is a serious health threat for humanity. Therefore, unless the consumer takes action, it seems that there might be little response to the problem by groups that benefit from the ag industry. Adopting a plant-based diet sends a clear message: "We care about God's Creation: humans, animals and the environment." 

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