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Gorillas’ Diet Helps Understand Human Diet

Researchers and nutritionist believe that the diets of the great apes in the wild (gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans) may provide insights into the nature of the foods that hominoids evolved to eat and that have shaped human nutrient requirements for health. This article describes a research study of gorillas in the wild indicating that a diet with virtually no cholesterol, high in fiber and high in plant protein seems to be the ideal diet for hominoids.

To learn more please search online for The Western Lowland Gorilla Diet Has Implications for the Health of Humans and other Hominoids

Eden was vegan (Genesis 1:29-31)! As the Bible tells us, God’s ideal plan for us included a non-violent diet, as depicted in the Garden of Eden and in several prophecies, such as Isaiah 11:6–9, where he foresees a return to this vegetarian world, where the wolf, lamb, lion, cow, bear, snake, and little child all coexist peacefully. Christians should strive to live a life conducive to the healing and reconciliation of God’s Creation.

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