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PETA’s Offering to Archdiocese of Milwaukee

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which has filed for bankruptcy due to a series of clergy abuse lawsuits that drained the church's money, was sent a letter by the animal advocacy group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offering to pay the church hard cash if they agree to build a statue depicting Jesus holding a lamb, bearing the inscription 'Blessed Are the Merciful-Go Vegan.' PETA's spokesperson said, "We're asking the archbishop to do the Christian thing and encourage members of the archdiocese to live a healthier, more humane life and show the ultimate mercy to God's creations by going vegan."

To read the full article and the letter sent by PETA please search online for PETA Tells Archdiocese: 'Erect Go Vegan Statue'

Indeed, Jesus is the ultimate example of mercy, as he sacrificed himself for everyone’s sake. Sadly, Christian churches are largely human-centered as they miss a very important part of the Gospel that is to show compassion and mercy to all of God’s creatures.

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