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PETA Urges Memorial for Slaughtered Cows

The animal advocacy group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is urging Greg Miller, president of the company that is developing the land vacated by Central Livestock where South St. Paul's stockyards were located, to build a memorial to honor the millions of cows that suffered unimaginable pain and fear as if they were simple commodities. Ronald Eustice, executive director of the Minnesota Beef Council, said, "PETA has a long tradition of pushing the boundaries for rational thinking."

"Rational thinking" should challenge us to abandon the widespread abuse of billions of farmed animals every year. "Rational thinking" should help us realize that God's animals as capable of suffering, feeling pain, fear and joy. Most of all "rational thinking" should open our hearts and eyes to the reality that the way we treat farmed animals for the sake of taste and profit only reflects the little regard we show for God's Creation and our poor stewardship of it.

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