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New Disease Linked to Pig’s Brain

“Blowing brains” is a slaughterplant procedure whereby a worker removes the brain of a dead pig by forcing compressed air into his or her skull, turning the brain into a slurry that squirts out, often spraying tissue onto and around the worker.

Since December 2006, a dozen workers at Quality Pork Processors (QPP, a Minnesota slaughterplant where 19,000 pigs a day are killed and butchered), have reported fatigue plus burning, numbness and weakness in their arms and legs, which earlier this year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified the condition as progressive inflammatory neuropathy.

Undergoing studies are trying to determine whether the brain tissue from hogs, which was sprayed into the air as droplets during removal by the compressed-air system, was inhaled by workers and ultimately made them ill.

To read the full article please visit Pork slaughterhouse illness now has a name

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