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Hanging Pigs in Ohio is Legal

Dusty Stroud, the hog farmer in Ohio accused of animal cruelty has been exonerated of animal cruelty charges. An undercover video showed hanging a hog for several minutes as a form of killing the animal. 


The judge stated that there is no existing case law on the books in Ohio which makes the practice illegal.

To read the full article please visit Judge clears farmer and workers on animal cruelty charges

It’s appalling that causing unimaginable pain and suffering to God’s animals is not only allowed but legal. In spite of the abundant evidence of animal abuse at factory farms and slaughter houses, consumers still support the animal industry by buying their products. Sharing information about the cruelty of the animal industry helps consumers choose a compassion diet. Our calling, as children of God, is to be good stewards of His/Her Creation that implies showing compassion and love to all creatures.

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