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Kentucky Fried Cruelty

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ campaign against fast-food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken has been going strong for the past 4 years. The campaign focuses on the brutality and cruelty in poultry farms and slaughterhouses.

Practices such as scalding chickens alive in boiling water or slitting their throats while still conscious are not only legal but common since chickens and turkeys, which account for 98 percent of the meat consumed in the United States, are not protected by any regulated standards and are not included in the Humane Slaughter Act, which covers other farm animals such as cattle and pigs.

To read the full article please visit http://www.portfolioweekly.com/

The fact that these animals are not protected by any laws reflects our poor stewardship of God’s animals. We are called to be compassionate and caring; inflicting pain and suffering on God’s animals is neither.

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