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OPINION - Foie Gras and more

A recent article titled “Stuffed Animals” published in Men’s Vogue magazine by Jeffrey Steingarten, American lawyer and food critic, discusses the pros and cons of eating foie gras from an ethical point of view. Moreover, he resorts to the Bible and to history in order to give the reader some idea of how this “delicacy” evolved and the current debate around its production. Mr. Steingarten makes emphasis on his choices which include not eating animals raised in factory farms or eggs produced by battery caged hens, or what he calls “anemic” veal. Although he fails to see the inherent cruelty in force-feeding geese as he states, “The most sensible policy is to eat just a little of this sublime and ancient delicacy (foie gras)”, Mr. Steingarten exposes the truth of why most people eat meat nowadays. He rightly says, ”Most of us are not vegans or vegetarians. When we buy the flesh of a mammal, bird, or fish in a restaurant or food shop, we are an agent in the slaughter of another living thing. We are taking life. This is a serious act, not a casual one. But our purpose is not survival or even sustenance; most of us can live comfortably without eating meat. No, our goal is pleasure, pure sensory pleasure.”

To read the full article please visit http://www.mensvogue.com/food/articles/2006/08/21/foie_gras?currentPage=6 

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