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Monday, Dec 15, 2008

God’s Animals at Our Mercy

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog! In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries.

1. This Week’s Video: "Eating for Planetary Survival"
2. Famous quote – Vasu Murti, author of Thou Shall Not Hurt or Destroy
3. New Rules for Organic Milk Production
4. Bible verse – 1 Peter 2:9
5. Paul Shapiro on Proposition 2
6. Peace on Earth?


1. This Week’s Video

This new on-line video, "Eating for Planetary Survival", is a presentation by Bruce Friedrich, Vice-President of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and sponsored by the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii. It addresses all the major issues surrounding animal agriculture and its devastating effects on animals, our health and the environment.

To watch the video please search online for: Eating for Planetary Survival

2. "By becoming a vegetarian out of ethical concern for animals, one ceases to contribute to roughly 90 percent of all animal cruelty, abuse and killing in the United States."

~ Vasu Murti, author of Thou Shall Not Hurt or Destroy

3. New Rules for Organic Milk Production

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued draft rules for organic milk production. These rules include a requirement that cows be on pasture at least 120 days of the year and get plenty of fresh grass. These rules would hopefully close the loophole that has allowed some huge feedlots to sell their milk as organic even though their cows rarely grazed on fresh grass.

To read the full article please search online for: New Rules for Organic Milk Production

Dairy production is one of the most abusive ways of animal exploitation. Although organic does not necessarily mean less abusive, every step toward alleviating animal suffering helps us be better stewards of God’s animals.

4. (RSV) 1 Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's own people, that you may declare the wonderful deeds of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

We have been entrusted with a very important role to play on Earth: we are the stewards of God's Creation! We can shine God's light and love onto Creation by following Jesus' teachings of compassion, mercy and peace.

5. Paul Shapiro on Proposition 2

Paul Shapiro, senior director of the Humane Society of the United States Factory Farming Campaign, shares his views about the passage of Proposition 2 in California. He rightly believes that Americans are demanding better treatment for animals in spite of the massive campaigns of the food industry saying that it's OK for a chicken to live in a battery cage, or that it's OK for a sow not to be able to turn or lay down comfortably. So, what is the animal industry to do? Make changes based on commonsense and a little compassion.

To read the full article please search online for: Time for egg industry to change course

It is up to us, the consumers, to demand changes by not supporting the industries that exploit God’s animals.

6. Peace on Earth?

C. David Coates, author of Old McDonald’s Factory Farm, summarizes the absurdity of humanity’s ways that at the end only bring misery to all of God’s Creation.

To read the comment please search online for: A Holiday Thought .

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