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Monday, Oct 20, 2008

How We Treat God’s Animals Affects Our Health

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

1. USDA Prevents Mad Cow Disease Testing
2. Famous quote – Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (1135 – 1204), Jewish philosopher and theologian, codifier of the Talmud.

3. 15th Victim in Canada’s Listeriosis Outbreak

4. Bible verse – James 3:13
5. More Benefits to a Plant-based Diet

6. Diet Should Reflect Faith


1. USDA Prevents Mad Cow Disease Testing: On August 29th, a U.S. federal appeals court ruled against an appeal by Creekstone Farms to allow the farm to test slaughtered cattle for Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE or Mad Cow disease). Creekstone had proposed to test all its slaughtered cattle as demanded by its Japanese customers, who had indicated they would be happy to pay the test's ten cents a pound cost.

To read the full article please search online for: US Court Rules Against Mad Cow Testing

Humanity needs to realize there are consequences for all Creation, including to our health, when we exploit God's animals. Consuming animal products puts one’s health at risk, and as long as profits, interests and pleasure come first, Creation will see no healing.

2. “It should not be believed that all beings exist for the sake of the existence of man. On the contrary, all the other beings too have been intended for their own sakes and not for the sake of anything else . . . there is no difference between the pain of humans and the pain of other living beings, since the love and tenderness of the mother for the young are not produced by reasoning, but by feeling, and this faculty exists not only in humans but in most living beings.” ~ Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (1135 – 1204), Jewish philosopher and theologian, codifier of the Talmud.

3. 15th Victim in Canada’s Listeriosis Outbreak: Canadian officials have confirmed the 15th death due to listeriosis after deli meat processed by Maple Leaf Foods Inc. had been implicated, which resulted in one of Canada’s largest ever food recalls. There have been 42 confirmed listeriosis cases.

To read the full article please search online for: 15th listeriosis death confirmed

The intensive and massive way animals are raised, and animal products processed, have not only caused unimaginable misery to God’s animals, but misery to humans as well. Unless humanity chooses compassion over indulgence, pleasure, and profit we will keep suffering the consequences of our poor stewardship of God’s animals.

4. (RSV) James 3:13

"Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good life let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom."

Jesus showed His wisdom through a loving, humble and compassionate lifestyle. By doing so, we are showing obedience to God and good stewardship of Creation.

5. More Benefits to a Plant-based Diet: A group of researchers led by Dean Ornish, M.D., found that comprehensive lifestyle changes, including a low-fat vegan diet, increase the body’s ability to fight premature aging, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. The study involved 24 men participating in a prostate cancer, who adopted a plant-based diet and added daily exercise and relaxation techniques.

To read the full article please search online for: Plant-based diet helps reduce premature aging and disease risk

6. Diet Should Reflect Faith: People of Faith share why they choose a compassionate, eco-friendly diet that reflects their care for God's Creation. Although not every one of them adopted a plant-based diet, they all agree that the inherent cruelty of factory farming goes against the core values of their Faith. From shunning fried foods, to serving vegetarian dishes and locally-grown foods, congregations all around the world are tackling the subject of food production in the midst of an environmental crisis and massive abuse of God's animals.

To read the full article please search online for: Growing numbers say diet should reflect the divine.

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