Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Who is 'Ham'?

Calling the processed flesh of an animal “ham” helps us disconnect us from who we are eating, and the immense suffering we are causing.

Here are 8 facts that everyone who eats ham needs to be aware of:

  1. No Federal Laws Protect Pigs on Factory Farms
  2. Sick Piglets Are Killed in Horrific Ways
  3. Pig Farming Is Destroying Our Waterways
  4. Pregnant Pigs Are Kept in Extreme Confinement
  5. Pig Farms Are Breeding Grounds for Dangerous Bacteria
  6. Piglets Are Mutilated Without Painkillers
  7. Pigs Receive Little to No Veterinary Care
  8. Pigs Are Incredibly Smart

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