Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Egg Production is Cruel!

Many people who want to make compassionate choices donít see anything cruel about eating eggs; after all, they believe that in order to produce eggs no animal needs to be killed. Sadly, the reality is very different because egg-production is one of the cruelest industries on Earth. It involves:

  • Intense confinement, mostly battery cages.
  • Grinding up male chicks, who are useless to the industry.
  • Debeaking of hens, instead of providing them with enough room.
  • No protection by laws. Even the Humane Slaughter Act excludes poultry.
  • Unnatural short lifespans.
  • Tragedies where tens of thousands of hens die at the same time, such as in barn fires, barns collapsing, etc.
  • Restriction of natural behaviors: the vast majority of hens donít mate, or nest, or roost, or touch grass, or breath fresh air, or feel the sun, or raise their chicks, etc.
  • Due to their living conditions and the maximization to produce high number of eggs, hens suffer from lameness, bone-brittleness and muscle weakness.
  • Minimum veterinary care: those hens who are sick are generally left to die.
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