Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Dairy is Cruel!!!

Egregious cruelty to animals has been exposed by PETA at a massive dairy factory farm in Texas, Daisy Farms, which supplies milk to Daisy Brand sour cream and cottage cheese.

The video was shown on CBS News last week and it showed:

  • Newborn calves, who had been ripped away from their mothers, choking and gagging as workers forced feeding tubes down their throats.
  • Cows who were pregnant or had just given birth were kicked, beaten, and stabbed with pens and knives.
  • After having their horn buds painfully burned out of their skulls with caustic paste, hours-old baby calves were isolated in plastic hutches, unable to nurse from their mothers or see any other calves.

To learn more, please Dollop of Cruelty: Animal Abuse Exposed at Daisy Brand Dairy and share! Everyone needs to learn why consuming dairy supports cruelty.