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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Is This Really Humane?

Kathryn Ashworth, an associate editor and writer at Yoga International whose yoga practice combined with a life-long love for animals deeply influenced her decision to become an animal advocate, shares her experience of visiting a local “humane” farm where pigs and cows were raised for dairy and meat.

She rightly questions the term “humane” when baby calves are forced to be away from their mothers so humans instead steal their milk; when dairy cows are forced to produce milk even when pregnant; when pigs, who are naturally social, affectionate and inquisitive are fattened and killed for their flesh; when these animals live a fraction of their natural life spans; and when we call these animals “feeders”, “future milkers”, etc.

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“Humane” is a term that might mean less abusive, but certainly not cruelty-free. “Humane” is a term that makes us feel good because deep down none of us want animals to suffer. No matter how we call it the reality of raising animals for food is one that always involves unnecessary exploitation and death.