Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Horse Meat (and Other Illegal Stuff) in U.S. Ground Meat

Not surprisingly, meat sold in the U.S. is not what the labels claim it to be

 “… 20 per cent of ground meat sold in the US contains more than what is on the label…. For the ground meat study, 48 samples were analyzed and 10 were found to be mislabeled. Of those 10, nine had additional animal included and one sample was mislabeled completely. Horse meat, which is illegal to sell in the US, was detected in two of the samples.”

Please visit Are you eating HORSE? Researchers find 20 per cent of samples of 'ground meat' sold in the US contain the illegal foodstuff.

Our food system is broken. The animal agriculture industry doesn’t care about public health, the animals raised for food, or the environment. The fact that ground meat labels don’t represent what’s in the package or the fact that some of the ingredients in the ground meat are not even legal is, sadly, a reflection of the lack of integrity of the meat industry, and the lack of accountability they get from consumers.