Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Dairy Farms are Agents of Environmental Destruction

Tom Franz, an environmental activist and resident of the San Joaquin Valley in CA, shares his deep concern about the many dairy factory farms in the region, each holding tens of thousands of cows. He refers to the environmental damage these farms cause and the public health threat they pose. The incredible amounts of manure and methane produced in these farms pollute the water, the soil and the air, and residents in the region commonly suffer from ailments related to this pollution.

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Dairy factory farms are torture chambers where the milk and the babies of these cows are stolen mercilessly. This exploitation doesnít come without consequences; in fact, the consequences are grave. We are destroying the environment and destroying ourselves, because when we cause suffering to Godís animals we are causing much suffering to ourselves by hardening our hearts. Our moral failure is evident.