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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

What Have We Done to Chickens?

Due to the insatiable hunger for the flesh of chickens in our society, these poor animals have been pushed to grow so fast and so fat that in the last 60 years chicken weight has increased more than four times.

Broiler chickens are so overweight at 6-7 weeks of age that many suffer organ failure and their bones break under their massive weight.

Sadly, Dr. Michael Lilburn, a professor at Ohio State University's Poultry Research Center correctly states, ďThe bulk of the U.S. population still doesn't care where their food comes from, as long as itís cheap."

Please visit Look at what our obsession with white meat has done to chickens.

What we do to chickens is truly barbaric. We cause so much suffering and pain to them, and so unnecessarily, that in the process we bury our compassion, our sense of justice and even our decency. We violate the precious bond that connects us to Godís animals.