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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Why Nobody Wants this Job

ďChick-sexersĒ are on demand, at least in the U.K. The reason is that this job requires the person to determine male from female chicks at egg-hatcheries that provide chicks for egg-laying farms. Sounds easy, right? But, frankly speaking, it is one of the cruelest jobs.

The chick-sexer decides who lives and who dies, because male chicks are considered useless to the egg-industry; and therefore, just a few minutes after being born, end up either in a gas chamber where they die suffocating for about 2 minutes or end up being thrown alive in a grinding machine. Not surprisingly, the salary for a chick-sexer in the U.K. is about US $60,000, but companies have a hard time finding people to fill these positions. In the U.S. factory farm workers earn poor-level wages and tend to be undocumented immigrants.

Please visit No One Wants To Do This Job That Kills 6,000 Chicks Per Day.

Eating Godís animals requires us to deaden our sensitivities, emotions and empathy. Itís terribly damaging to us spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Itís not trivial to have the lives of animals in our hands.