Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Milk Like Is Not Life At All

Clarabelle is a cow who was exploited for her milk, which she produced for her calves who were taken away from her at birth. And Clarabelle, being a cow, remembered those tragic times. Cows have a great memory! Therefore, this time around Clarabelle, upon giving birth, chose to hide her calf in order to prevent the heartbreak.

However, Clarabelle had been rescued while pregnant and taken to Edgarís Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary so the ending is a happy one. Because Clarabelle is no longer a dairy cow exploited mercilessly for her milk and flesh, she was allowed for the first time to keep her calf, whom she tenderly and lovingly cares for.

To read this beautiful story please visit Clarabelle the Former Dairy Cow Finally Gets to Keep One of Her Babies!

There are many stories showing that cows after many times of having their calves taken from them choose to hide them. Clarabelle is one more of them but, who unlike her counterparts still enslaved in dairy farms, got to keep one of her babies.

Itís clear that supporting the milk industry causes immense suffering to cows and their babies.