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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

The Brutal Reality of the Diary Industry

People in the UK got a glimpse of the barbaric reality of the dairy industry when three Jersey calves were shown being killed on the Channel 4 program featuring farmer Jimmy Doherty, who explained that dairy male calves are seen as “waste product” by the dairy industry.

Please visit Viewer's outrage over harrowing scenes of day-old calves being lined up and shot dead just because they're male.

Cows are mammals and produce milk only when they are pregnant and give birth. Dairy cows are kept pregnant year after year and their calves are removed from them when they are born so they don’t drink the milk the mother produces for them but that humans steal mercilessly.

Male calves are pretty useless to the industry; and therefore, they are either killed shortly after birth or raised for veal, which is inherently cruel. So, why would anyone then support this industry? Especially, why would Christians, who supposedly promote mercy, justice and stewardship support the dairy industry by consuming their products? This is a question that one needs to ask oneself.