Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Milk Industry Fights Back

Yesterday’s daily e-mail featured an article indicating that cow’s milk consumption has been in decline for many years given that more people are choosing plant-based milks.

What is the dairy industry doing about this? Well, they are trying to redefine the way people perceive dairy. Their new campaign ‘Get Real’ "plans to stop "the seeds of doubt" that "naysayers, these anti-dairy folks, and also the competitors" are planting in people's mind about milk "before the fever gets too high."

Please visit Milk Industry Fights Back Against 'Anti-Dairy Folks'

Those of us, who choose not to consume dairy, are not so much against dairy itself but dairy used other than to feed calves, which is the true intent of cows when they produce milk.

So, let's get real. We are against injustice, against exploitation, against the unnecessary killing of God’s animals, against environmental devastation and against unhealthy foods. In short, we are in favor of compassion, healthfulness, justice and sustainability.