Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Many Reasons To Not Eat Eggs

The egg industry is a callous one and doesn’t want consumers to know it. Here’s why:

  • Millions of Male Chicks are Ground Alive
  • Egg Laying Hens are Routinely Mutilated
  • 95 Percent of U.S. Eggs Come From Caged Birds
  • Caged Hens are Unable to Extend Their Wings
  • Nearly One-Third of Hens Arriving at Slaughterhouses Have Broken Bones
  • Forced Moulting Kills Thousands of Hens
  • No Egg Laying Hens Reach Old Age
  • 20,000 Hens in One Barn Still Counts as Free Range
  • ”Organic” and “Humane” Labelled Eggs are Misleading

To learn more about each of these reasons, please visit You Will Never Eat Eggs Again After Reading This.

Eggs are not needed in a healthy human diet and eating them causes misery to God’s hens and their babies. As stewards of God’s Creation, do we need any more reasons to avoid eating eggs?