Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Barbaric Cruelty to Ducks

 A new undercover investigation by “Mercy for Animals” at one of the nation’s largest duck farms, Riechardt Duck Farm, reveals egregious cruelty to these innocent beings:

- Baby ducklings having the tips of their beaks burned with red-hot metal
- Ducks suffering from illness and injuries without proper veterinary care
- Birds trapped in or under the wire cage flooring left to slowly suffer and die
- Ducks having their throats cut while still conscious and able to feel pain

To learn more and watch the video, Ducks in Despair.

Moreover, these animals are never allowed access to water to exercise their God-given instinct of swimming and bathing. Once again, cruelty to God’s animals is fueled by people’s meals based on animal products.