Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

We Donít Need to Eat Animals

Read this compelling excerpt from the book, Meat Logic: Why We Eat Animals by author Charles Horn, in which he sets the record straight as far as the two most common rationalizations people use to continue eating animals: itís part of our evolution and itís needed for health reasons. Both excuses, as Mr. Horn explains, simply donít stand on solid ground. Plenty of scientific evidence shows that we are not obligate omnivores and that in fact we can thrive on plant-based diets; and that implying evolution pushes us to eat animals simply trumps morals and ethics.

To read the full excerpt please visit Does Evolution Have a Gun to Our Head to Eat Animals?

If we don't need to eat God's animals to live healthy, joyful lives then when we choose to eat them we are causing unnecessary suffering and death, which doesn't align with our Christian values.