Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

The American Diet is the Wrong One for Humans

Americans are eating the wrong diet. Chronic disease rates are rampant and the solution seems easy: eating more plants and fewer animal products. New research in the Neanderthals' diets seems to indicate that they were primarily gatherers with occasionally the rare meat treat. Physiologically speaking we are much like other primates, whose diets ďare composed of fruits, nuts, leaves, insects, and sometimes the odd snack of a bird or a lizard.Ē

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The book of Genesis indicates that God prescribed humans a plant-based diet and today we can clearly see the devastation that not adhering to it has caused to the whole Earth. Modern animal agriculture might be the most devastating system ever created for it has no boundaries. It negatively affects humans at every level (physical, ethical, moral, psychological, cultural, etc.) as well as Godís animals and the environment.