Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

What the Animal Rights Movement Should Be All About

A beautiful piece by Michael Lanfield (author, educator and filmmaker) reminds us that the true essence of veganism is love and respect for all beings, as difficult as it may be. For example, he refers to angry vegans who seem to view humans as viruses on this planet or slaughterhouse workers whose jobs obviously contradict our values; however, Lanfield believes that we must not forget that these people also suffer and donít kill out of their own free will, but have been conditioned by our culture to harden their hearts.

Please visit Exposing the Wrongs of the Animal Rights Movement.

The animal rights movement has taken many shapes and forms in the last few decades and I think defending those who are victimized, in this case farmed animals, really accords with Christís teachings of mercy, love and justice. Being an advocate of Godís animals helps us grow spiritually and to put into practice our core Cristian values.