Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

The Dairy Industry Has a Choice

The dairy industry has been target of numerous undercover investigations in the last several years showing how egregiously cruel this industry is toward cows and their babies. However, in spite of these exposés, the dairy industry seems to react by pointing fingers and by continuing to exploit cows without mercy.

Matt Rice, Director of Investigations for Mercy for Animals wrote a letter to the dairy industry, which was published on Progressive Diaryman, explaining that that choice is theirs: they can choose to be on the right side of animal welfare issues and be seen as the driving force for progress, or they can choose to dig in their heels and keep losing credibility.

Please visit Letter to the Editor: Dairymen can respond to undercover videos by pointing fingers or driving change

The dairy industry victimizes God’s animals for profit. They seem not to care about anything else because even when they are exposed they continue abusing cows and their babies, with consequences on human health and the environment as well.

It is really time for the people involved in or supporting this industry to face their hardness of heart and change their ways.