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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Eating Dogs

John Sutter, CNN columnist, writes an excellent piece about the illegal and barbaric dog-meat trade market in Asia. The pictured depicted in this article makes most readers repulsed and saddened by the treatment of humans’ best friend. Sutter understands that eating dogs is not different than eating cows or pigs and says, “If we think dog shouldn't be eaten -- like, ever, regardless of how clean the trade is and how quick the kill -- then maybe we should think about the other animals we eat, and if and why we don't feel the same way about them.

Is it because we spend so much time with dogs -- looking into their eyes, talking to them, walking them, picking up their crap -- that we understand that they are living, breathing, feeling beings? Would we feel that way about other animals if we could hang out more? Or would the beak-y, frowny face of the chicken still stop us short of empathy?”

Please visit The argument for eating dog.

Indeed, there’s no difference between eating dogs or eating other animals, but most people seem to have different ethical standards as far as who is OK to eat. This cognitive dissonance allows them to support much cruelty, disease and devastation, which most likely goes against their own ethical, moral and spiritual values.