Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Cows Are Being Tortured and the USDA Does Nothing

Cows are tortured at Des Moines districts slaughterhouses and the USDA is doing nothing to stop it, even when USDA inspectors witness the cruelty.
For example, ďThe plant manager shot a cow through the head and then tormented the animal for more than 10 more minutes. Instead of even trying to put the animal down, as he was legally obligated to do, the plant manager electrocuted the cow with an electric prod, over and over, trying to get her to leave the stunning box, where two cows were trapped in a space intended to hold one.

The USDA inspector who filed the report noted that because the gate to the stun box was halfway down, the cow's escape was a "physical impossibility." But that didn't stop the plant manager from trying. The cow's screaming brought two USDA inspectors and the plant's "slaughter QA supervisor" to the scene.

But their presence did not deter the plant manager from continuing to electrocute this poor cow.

Because the electrocution was so painful, the cow tried to cram her body through the gate. The report indicates that due to her attempting the impossible, her "hide [was] peeled back ... and there was blood and hair throughout the wound, as well as blood and hair on the lift gate."

Christians profess to worship a loving God and to follow Jesusí teachings. But, unless we do our best to show compassion and mercy to all of Godís creatures, we are being hypocritical. Clearly, supporting an industry that tortures sentient beings for profit, taste and convenience is inconsistent with the Christian faith.