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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

How Far Humans Are Willing to Go to Keep Raising Godís Animals for Food

Certainly, a serious problem regarding modern animal agriculture is the hyper-confinement of animals, which most people see as something unnatural and even cruel. Well, Iowa State University assistant professor Austin Stewart, has developed a pair of oculi that, using virtual reality technology, allows chickens to feel that they are free-range.

Please visit Forget About Free Range: These Oculus RiftĖWearing Chickens Roam Virtually.

 Humans sometimes go to extreme measures to keep doing something that is clearly not working. Instead of fixing the problem at its root, in this case transitioning from animal agriculture to a plant-based agriculture, we tend to devise ways to continue exploiting Godís animals.
While itís unlikely these oculi would be part of the animal-based agriculture industry, this device exemplifies our lack of critical thinking and mindfulness.