Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Bird Brain, Super Brain

Chickens are one of the most abused animals on Earth, and most people’s perception of them is really far from the truth. According to abundant scientific evidence chickens are “capable of mathematical reasoning and logic, including numeracy, self-control, and even basic structural engineering. These traits are not seen in children until the age of four.” Moreover, scientists says that chickens can be deceptive and cunning, with communication skills much like primates.

It only makes sense that humans choose to look at chickens in a way that allows them to exploit them without any mercy. People put them down and refer to them as dumb, emotionless and even dirty. How else could people victimize them without guilt?

History teaches us that we acted the same way in order to victimize other humans. These victims didn’t “talk like us, look like us, think like us and they were better off serving a purpose. We even fed them and gave them shelter.” Sounds familiar?

Let’s learn from our past mistakes. God’s Creativity shines when we allow all His/Her creatures to exercise their God-given instincts, needs and emotions. Nothing better than rejoicing in the magnificent diversity of life while living in harmony.

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