Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Ag-Gag Bills Backfire

While at some point the meat industry was proud of their passing of Ag-Gag bills in many states, itís obvious that their tactic has backfired. The Tennessean's editorial board called Ag-gag bills "Ridiculous, immature and idiotic"; animal welfare scientist and meat industry advisor Temple Grandin, PhD. says they are "The stupidest thing that ag ever did" and dairy industry advocate Hilary Parker believes "Ag-gag bills do more harm than good."

People want transparency and the animal-agriculture industry cannot thrive being transparent. Ag-gag bills were an attempt to keep consumers in the dark but consumers are waking up to the truth. Simply put: if you fear nothing, you hide nothing. If you hide nothing, you fear nothing.

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