Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Cruelty to Farm Animals Found Acceptable and Humane

December 2012: The latest undercover video by Mercy for Animals Canada, taken at Puratone Corp. farm in Alborg, Manitoba [Crated Cruelty: Canada's Pork Industry Animal Abuse Exposed], shows undeniable egregious cruelty to pigs. Not surprisingly, an Animal Care Review Panel comprised of three experts, reviewed the footage at the request of the Canadian pork council and concluded that, “while some of the animal handling practices shown are improper, most of what is seen are widely considered acceptable and humane.”

Cruelty to God’s farmed animals is legal and standard around the world. Farm animals would never willingly accept to be confined, mutilated without anesthesia, or killed. All sentient beings have God-given instincts and needs that they want to exercise. When we deny these creatures of this, we invariably deaden our empathy and compassion. To support the animal agriculture industry is to support cruelty. There’s simply no way around it.