Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Another of the Pork Industry’s Dirty Tactics

Pork sales are on the decline and the pork industry keeps trying to appeal to consumers by deceiving them. People are learning about the cruelty inflicted on pigs, the pollution hog farms create and the ill-effects of a meat-based diet. Now, the pork industry is using a “Pig Mobile” where they show people through a glass how a sow is kept in a furrowing crate along with her nursing piglets.

Please visit Porkers hog the limelight in travelling Pig Mobile:

The hog industry is desperate and they are showing it. Of course, the “Pig Mobile” doesn’t show the filth of factory farms, the stress God’s animals experience, the castration, teeth-clipping and tail-docking that piglets undergo without anesthesia, the beatings that animals unfairly receive in the hands of frustrated workers, the pollution hog farms create, etc.

Stewards of God’s Creation should see pass the veil the animal agriculture industry wants to keep on the eyes of consumers. Compassion, peace, justice, joy and sustainability cannot exist if we keep eating God’s animals.

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