Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

A Trip of Horror

Thomas Walkon, columnist for The Star, exposes the plight of farmed animals, more specifically of pigs on their way to slaughter. Walkon shares what happens in Lake Shore Boulevard in Toronto, when a parade of tractor-trailer trucks passes by carrying pigs to slaughter. As the trucks moves slowly due the traffic, everyone can see and many videotape, pigs “jostling against one another in a mash of their own vomit and excrement” trapped in trucks in the sweltering heat without any reprieve. As Thomas Walkon says, “If people wanted to end hog misery, they easily could — simply by not eating pork.”

The violence perpetrated toward God’s farmed animals is mostly hidden from the public, although animal advocates are tirelessly working to expose it. Being present, mindful, one with God, one with life, is simply incompatible with violence. Our essence is love and if we truly want to reflect it onto all Creation, we need to stop exploiting other beings.

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