Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

A Hellish Place on Earth

A fantastic piece by Josh Tetrick, founder of 33needs.com, an investment platform for social entrepreneurs, who immerses the reader in the hellish life of a battery-cage hen. It also provides the reader with a virtual tour to learn about battery-caged hens, who produce 99% of the eggs consumed in the US.

How is it possible that we, humans, stewards of God's Creation, are capable of causing so much pain, suffering and death to so many billions of God's farmed animals unnecessarily? Do we really believe that our role as managers of God's Creation has entitled us to do as we please? Sadly, the way we treat God's animals might show this is the case; however, many people have also turned their hearts and minds into bringing healing, love and compassion. These people are, indeed, those who embrace the essence of God's love -that exists in each and everyone- and reflect it onto all Creation.

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