Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Against In-Vitro Meat?

Sustainable-farming advocates seem to be against synthetic or “in-vitro” meat, which in the near future might be widely available. These in-vitro meat would not only alleviate tremendous animal suffering but could help restore the health of the environment as currently factory farms pollute the air, soil and water aside of depleting Earth of resources. Why the opposition? James McWilliams on The Atlantic’s food blog says that "The politics of meat is the politics of self interest — no matter what side of the debate one is on — and, as is always the case, everyone’s interest is fiercely protected except that of the animals,"... "Without these small family farms, and without animals being humanely raised to be slaughtered, the movement’s turf would shrink."

Small-family farmers voice that they care about their animals; however, they still cause intentional suffering to them by mutilating their bodies without pain-relief (tail-docking, castration, etc.) and slaughtering them while young and healthy. Caring involves deep respect and compassion that should lead us to allow God’s animals to enjoy their God-given rights in peace and justice on Earth.

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