Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Ag Industry’s Attempts to Misdirect Attention

Paul Shapiro, senior director of The Humane Society of the United States’ factory farming campaign, exposes the dubious and shameless tactics that the meat industry uses to misdirect undercover exposés documenting egregious acts of cruelty to farmed animals. He refers to instances where the ag industry attacks compassionate investigators who put themselves at great risk to go undercover as well as the unfounded comments by this industry referring to undercover investigations as “… an attack on the rural lifestyle of America.”

When people try to defend an act that has no defense it is because profit, power and corruption are at play. Throughout history prophets have suffered in order to bring out Truth and the case of undercover investigators is not different. When we take responsibility for the cruelty inflicted on these creatures and we stop supporting animal agriculture, we show obedience to God.

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